Rainbow Zebra N.F.P.C.

One Person Can Change The World.


We Firmly Believe One Person Can Change the World. This is your chance to tell everyone what your doing to change the world for the better.  Our motto is Change yourself and you change the world! When you set out on a journey to make the world a better place you become a better  person in the process.  In this process you have the ability to inspire others to make a difference as well. " Dont just sit there feeling sorry for yourself  Get up and do something!"

Quotes - Name = crystal retamoz I help out in the surrounding communities by giving xtra food to people who needed it more, giving away unwanted clothing items that just collect dust around my home and lending a clothing item or bedding item to a friend(s) who need it more than my family. Recently I gave 2 bags of food to my dear bestie. I also lent her a pair of pajamas and my biggest comforter because her hubby and she was freezing cold. Not to mention they don't have a stable place to live. I also have asked and convinced my in-laws to let them stay with all of us in an already cramped home and invited them to come over and eat with us on a daily basis. . I hope this short story gets posted and I hope it is very inspiring to some one else because caring and sharing starts small and once you help someone out then that person can help out another when possible and that is how greatness continues Quotes

Quotes I swear before you and God This day. I did everything in my power to prove one person really could make a difference. I have watched this group of people go from one to over one hundred. In the beginning I believed I could change the world and in the end I did. The world got better. Today I know one person can change the world! I hope you know it too. This whole project was designed to carry one message. You can change the world if you try! Thank you so much to everyone that believed in me and that stood behind me in this project. Quotes
Jed Fisher
President of Rainbow Zebra

Quotes This is how R.Z. helped me and this is my story. R.Z gave me a place to stay while I was looking for a job. I moved from IL to Branson, MO for a job. R.Z. gave me tools to make connections in the job market and community. They also helped me find work and provided me a way to give back to the community. I am a certified Skywarn Storm Spotter and I have been for 3 years now. I have ment a lot of new friends and gained a lot of independency because of R.Z. R.Z. and I set goal definitions and worked with me to achieve those goals. They encouraged me when I got discoruaged and cheered me on. As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day. This does take time but if anything, I should be a very good model that proves that R.Z does work. You have to build your life brick by brick. Quotes

Quotes Recently I became homeless and had no place to go. I called other places that specialized in that same thing but like Mary and Joesph in the Bible I was told there was no room in the inn. I was in a new town and really did not know anyone and rainbow zebra provided me with a place to stay, food to eat , a coat to stay warm. And all they asked of me is to tell one person my story and pay it forward. So this is just one of the ways that i am doing that is by telling my story of how i Rainbow Zebra helped me out when I really had no place to go. Quotes
How Rainbow Zebra Helped me

Quotes I am a father & I live in Branson. R.Z. helped me with furniture for my home & also gave my son a computer to help him with school work & to help make people aware of hate & prejudice in school & the wold & to help combat them to help make this a better world. Quotes

Quotes I am a single 20 year old female , that was being abused and molested growing up and my mom didn't care one bit she has hit and beat me .... R.Z. helped me out by getting me on my own ... now that I'm on my own I am at peace and loving . Its been great i don't know what else to say. Quotes
thanks RZ

Quotes As a youth, I participated in many service activities...through my city, school, neighborhood & most importantly through my church. My church challenged me to do service activities monthly and in doing so I completed a goal chart & received small plastic jewels for a bracelet, etc. I missed those experiences as an adult, so I challenged myself to WRITE DOWN MY GOALS to continue serving monthly. I believe that serving others and being grateful for what I have has brought me so much happiness & peace. Always remember that if you don't achieve your goals to reset them again & again & again until you achieve them. Sincerely, Marci Bray ... Quotes

Quotes well I am a single mom of 1. I've been going to O.T.C. in Branson since summer 2010 and before my summer semester R.Z. gave me a computer so I don't have to walk to do my home work or stay at school longer and away from my daughter longer just to do home work or research or type a paper, thank you so much R.Z. Quotes


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