Rainbow Zebra N.F.P.C.

One Person Can Change The World.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery all we have is today

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery all we have is today

  1. Are you trying to save the world

    We will answer this question with a story. The United States and Canada wanted to clean up the Great Lakes. Canda Cleaned up it's side of the great lakes but the U.S. Didn't.  As a result the Great lakes didn't get cleand up because the US did not do its part.  No one person can do all the work but One person, one organization can do its part.  We are just doing our part to make the world a little better.

  2. 2. Who Can Join R.Z.?

    Anybody can join R.Z. 8 to 80 blind crippeld or crazy everybody has value with R.Z.  We belive that everyperson has something to offer the world and to the rest of humanity. No one can kick you out.  Our Focus is on inclusion not exculsion. When R.Z. was a little Zebra he saw some kids playing basketball and he wanted to play too. But they just laughed at him and said we don't have a place for rainbow zebra on our team. This really hurt R.Z. and he never forgot how he felt. So when he created a team he made sure that anybody could play who wanted to. There is room for everybody at R.Z.

  3. Are there any dues or fees for membership in R.Z.

    If we charged dues then that would eliminate people who don't have allot of money. Lets face it kids don't have allot of money.  To exclude someone from membership because they cant pay dues is economic discrimination and we do not exclude for any reason. We want to become self supporting through our own contributions. There are many ways to contribute to R.Z.  besides money . You can Volunteer at your local animal shelter and become a Zebra by serving another group besides ours this is about serving in our community's.  Some might say you don't have a singleness of purpose to that we reply Oh yes we do its service.

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