Rainbow Zebra N.F.P.C.

One Person Can Change The World.

How many computers have been given away so far?  # (23)

23 lives have been enhanced so far with your help. Our goal for this is to put new technology in these peoples hands instead of out dated computer systems.  For now we will take what ever we can get. Every one of these computers were broken when they came to R.Z. The 23 computers were put together one piece at a time from other broken donated computers that would have ended up in land fills.  They found new life instead and new purpose. From the movie Sea biscuit " You don't get rid of a horse because it has a bum leg." For disabled people Sea Biscuit  is a great story of overcoming challenges. As R.Z. grows we will be doing this on a larger scale.  Hopefully one day this vision will be realized in its  full potential. Countless other computers have been repaired at little or no cost.  Sometimes all a person needs is a mouse, keyboard, monitor  or a power-supply to get their system up and running again. 



12 Jeremy is going to use his computer to combat hate and start a recycling program in his community. These computers are not a hand out but rather a hand up! From this experience he will learn how to organize groups. Make new friends and gain leadership quality's. One of our Goals is to inspire others to take an active role in their community.


#13 Don was so excited today when he received his computer . He wanted to say "Thank you Rainbow Zebra for the computer I'm 87 Years Old and I still find time to give back to the community." You can see the gratitude on his face. "I spent many years doing data entry for the senior center here in Branson. It warmed my heart to know that the younger generation is getting involved in service work

1 donated computer.8 hrs of refurbish time $10.00 in parts and 1hr of setup time at the location in Dons home. The look on Dons face priceless!!!  Can one person change the world. Well we changed Dons world for the better today. Someone asked me why you do it? I just smile and say this is why because these people are worth it. 

14# Was delivered to a young family

#15 The Hughes brothers donated a computer to R.Z.  then we reprogrammed it. The woman in the flowered dress was the recipient of the computer. This really is a team effort. She wants to start a home based business. Because she is ill she cannot work at a regular Job this computer will allow her to work from home.  She received a hand up not a hand out and this is how R.Z. Works.

 #16 Went to a young family

#17 Went to a disabled Veteran

#18 went to a single MOM

#19-23 Went to the Southwest Center for Independent Living   We are sorry about the video quality.  Brooke Lewis From The southwest center for independent living will be by today to pick up these computers. They will be going to people who are disabled. We promised 4, we delivered 4, promise kept.  Rainbow Zebra does what it says it dose. We are changing the world!!!! for the better!!!!!! We do what we say we do!



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