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One Person Can Change The World.

Golden Hammers update 3-23-15

So far we have helped 45 people with housing, furniture and clothing needs. The last person we helped was fleeing from a domestic violence situation. We aided with a scavenger hunt for food clothing and other house hold necessity's.  In 4 days time we almost completely furnished and entire house. 

Golden Hammers Update March 15 2011

 22 people stayed in the home since I first decided to make a difference. Here are the highlights. 22 people stayed with me here. We helped house feed and and clothe 22 people. Living on disability is not easy. I felt that since I had a home to stay in. The least I could do is share what I had with others. I begged professional people to help with this project. Doctors nurses, social workers, show people and local food banks. Went and visited with local churches. Of the 22 people who stayed here  there were three full time residents. Who payed rent to keep the door open to help the next person. I want to thank everyone who helped me make the world a better place if only for a few. I can tell you that we helped people find employment, housing and friendships that will last a life time.  Countless volunteer hours and I don't know how many visitors. The current population is six. two adults and one whole family. Normally I only worked with adults  however as I was closing the project. Branson had a tornado. A family came to help with the clean up efforts and they lost their place of residency in Springfield Mo.  They came to help my city clean up the mess.  The least we could do is give them a place to stay while they worked and babysit the kids. On April 6th 2011 they will be leaving and this project will be closed for a while. I will be alone in the house for the first time since Oct 2009 taking a well deserved respite. I grew as a human being from this experience. I cant tell you how much I grew or how much I learned from this. I just became a better person all the way around. Therefore since I changed for the better the world changed for better. One Person can change the world!!!!!!! 

Sincerely Jed D. Fisher

Jan 26, 2011 When You first walk in the door of the Golden hammers Home You will notice a Golden Hammer on the wall. It serves as a reminder to build bridges between cultures. It stands for building dreams, Strong Relationships, Courage, Strength and Hope of building a brighter future together.




Dec 15,2010 Move completed 

 Summer is a single mom,  who enrolled in collage to become a teacher. Everyone knows how hard single moms have to work to make ends meet. The computer lab at the school was always full. Time  spent at school meant paying a babysitter. Summer  needed a  complete computer system! RZ responded to her need.  Now she can complete her school work from home without leaving her child with a babysitter.  By doing this we enabled Summer to be both a dedicated student and mother. The Golden hammers is about people who are involved in training programs to better their lives, their family s, and the community.  This is a hand up not a hand out. View summers story in our testimonials page.

Jan 15 2011 We Did It!!

Well we are in our new home!  Jed is busy working on getting corporate sponsors to help R.Z. Get off the ground. He is also  building and repairing computers for people. Manages the website and attends to official business. His responsibility's are vast and wide. He manages the home and makes sure it runs smoothly. We would fire him but heck the guy works for free if it were anybody else we would have to pay them for all he dose. Some people think he is nuts he because he pays us to be a part of this.  In a quote he said " Everybody has a part to play to make the world a better place. I'm just trying to do my part that's all. R.Z. is worth it and so are the people we are helping today plus those we will be helping tomorrow."

Well it is Official we have out grown our previous Office and Home.  So we are in the process of moving. Hopefully by the 15th of December,2010 the move will be complete. This is an exciting time For R.Z. Two major things will be accomplished by this. The first is more space! Breathing room Yea!!!!! The second part is that this move officially opens up the first Golden Hammers Home. While moving can be stressful growing pains are awesome. We are making progress and have set our course. We feel like Columbus setting sail for an undiscovered country and a new world. Look for photographs they are coming soon.  We are planning an open house for a few guests and a ribbon cutting ceremony in the near future after we get settled in. A special Thanks to Mo-Zark Realty For making this possible. We couldn't have done it without you!!!!

Golden Hammers Update Nov 21

MO-Zark Realty has decided to help Rainbow Zebra By donating furniture and other housing items for golden hammers. Also we are in the process of getting our  Second house because we have out grown a one bedroom apt! The occupants of this first house pay rent to live there.  R.Z. the new apartment will be fully self supporting by its members who live there. If a person cannot pay their share of the rent they work it off by doing community service. By doing it this way the individual gains self respect, a job, Food, a place to live, clothes on their back. Plus they improve community relations. Establish contacts and maybe even find a job through the contacts that they make while they are serving the community.  One homeless person off The street. Each room will have a Murphy bed that folds up into a wall. Then the room in which they sleep turns into an office for them to conduct business, this makes the space available  for 24 hour usage. We save a ton of money on gas and natural resources because we live where we work. Being disabled its hard to get from point A to point B when you cant drive. One other benefit is that we don't have to rely on others to get us to work. We never have to worry about showing up for work on time either since we are always here.


Objectives for golden hammers


Housing ,Furniture ,Dishes Beds, Utilities, rent, a training program that leads the person to meaningful work. i.e. Voc. Rehab or schooling at a university or  trade school. One individual might want to seek self employment with a home based business.This is a hand up not a hand out and this program is about helping people by making their lives better. We hope one day to buy homes where people can live based on income and reduced rent until they are through school. These apartments will be fully furnished complete with a computer ,a desk in each room and a bed. Until this dream is realized we will be doing everything we can by supporting programs already in place. All Objectives were completed on January 15,2011


R.Z.  Is A Testimonial about Step Up To Leadership

Back in 2008 I attended a program called Step Up to Leadership. This program is sponsored by OACAC and The University of Missouri Extension in Stone and Taney counties.  Connie Dewitt, Stone County OACAC Supervisor at the time, suggested I attend the Step Up to Leadership Program.  I was unsure at first, but Connie kept encouraging me, saying I was perfect for this program and that it was designed for community minded people just like me.

Step Up to Leadership gave me the tools and support I needed to believe in myself. It helped me develop a really good idea to give back to my community and those that helped me when I needed it.  It was great gift and a wonderful experience. We learned about forming and serving on a board, conducting meetings, planning and goal setting, public speaking and a lot of other information about how to get involved with community projects.


We learned ways in which we could give back to the community, which is what I wanted to do. Rainbow Zebra is the result of the training I received from the Step Up program. This program works! I want to give back to Step Up and the best way for me to that is to let other people know how the program helped me succeed. Rainbow Zebra is how I am trying to do that.


Our first goal was to help people gain access to new technology with computers.  We focused on families with children that cannot afford to purchase a computer for their home.  We take computers that are broken or somewhat outdated and fix them or update them, keeping them from being dumped in a landfill.  All of the computers have been donated and all the repair work is done by volunteers.  We have provided thirteen families with refurbished computers so far.


When you believe in what you are doing others begin to believe in you. The more you try to help yourself, accepting a hand up instead of a hand out, the more people come to help you.  I firmly believe one person can change the world. Step Up to Leadership taught me that. It is my sincere desire to send and sponsor at least ten people to the Step Up To Leadership Program. This is the best way to say Thank you so much to those that supported OACAC.  Regardless what your financial situation, social class or age is: Everyone has a part to play in making the world a better place.

 Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC) is a not-for-profit agency working toward alleviating the causes and conditions of poverty in the Ozarks. OACAC serves Barry, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney and Webster Counties. To find out more about OACAC please visit their website http://www.oacac-caa.org/oacac/content/welcome


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